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Brunelle's Inspection Services, LLC
Brunelle's Inspection Services, LLC
Brunelle's Inspection Services, LLC
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Services Offered by Brunelle's Inspection Services, LLC
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Complete Home Inspection
In our home inspections, we look at every aspect of a home - from roof to basement. Our roof inspection includes putting up ladders or using a drone to check and take pictures of all aspects of your roof: flashing, eaves, and valleys. We check for normal wear, weather and water damage. If accessible, we inspect the underside of the roof in the attic space. While in the attic, we will check for any sign of water damage, check your insulation for depth (R-value), check for proper ventilation, and inspect all other aspects of the attic space, wiring, piping, etc.

Electrical Inspection
We test all outlets and switches to make sure that they are working properly and whether or not they have GFI receptacles where needed. We make sure that there are proper smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the home. We check circuit panels for wiring, as well as proper size and types of circuit breakers.

Plumbing Inspection
We do a visual inspection of all plumbing for leaks and damage. We also offer an internal scope camera, if requested, to see the inside of your plumbing for damaged or cracked pipes. This will also show low spots where water can gather and clog or slow your drainage. This is especially important in below grade septic plumbing, where your drainage pipes may go under a driveway. Over time, this placement can create a low spot in your septic pipe where water gathers and causes slow drainage and clogs. Frost, ground movement, and driving over your pipes can cause unseen damage that will cause problems in your future. With our scope cameras, we can give you the peace of mind that your plumbing system is installed properly and should give years of uninterrupted service. If you choose to have your complete septic system inspected, we use local septic pumping companies for the drainage of your holding tank, and then we will use scope cameras to visually inspect all components of your septic system.

Thermal Imaging
We have an infrared thermal imaging camera that we use to see the internal combustion chamber of your furnace. We can also use this camera to see into your water heater, without disassembling it, to make sure that water heating elements are working properly. We can also look at hot water baseboard piping to see whether or not all piping is on and functioning properly. Thermal imaging is also very useful in finding energy loss through improper insulation around windows and doors.

Roof Drone Image | Brunelle's InspectionsDrone Photography/Videography
I am FAA certified as an Unmanned Aerial Drone Pilot. This certification allows me to use my drone as part of my business to be used both for inspection purposes and for advertisement purposes in the selling a home. Our drone has a 4K camera that will capture an amazing birds-eye view of your property.

Water Testing/Radon Air Testing
We do a complete line of water testing. Radon air test will be offered soon. I have taken the radon testing course at Rutgers University and am currently waiting on certification through the State of Maine.

Our Technology
We have the very best technology at our disposal and know how to use it. We have electrical testers, moisture meters, infrared imaging, scope cameras, and a professional drone. In addition to our tools, our report generating software is second to none. We use 3-D Inspection for our report generating software to create an inspection report that will include pictures and a full, easy to understand description of everything found in the inspection.

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